1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts Made from your Own Photos

1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts Made from your Own Photos

The first wedding anniversary is perhaps the most important, it shows you are off to a good start, strong foundations are vital in any relationship.

You may have a long way to go until you have to buy silver, rubies or gold for an anniversary gift, but don’t neglect these smaller milestones. The 1st wedding anniversary is known as the paper anniversary, paper may sound boring , but it’s what’s on the paper which counts.

Pick the Right Photo

Whether you have professional quality wedding photos or just selfies on your phone from a memorable moment, bring them to life and free them from their digital dungeons by using them to create a personalised gift.

Often the photos on your phone may not have that artistic touch, perhaps the composition isn’t perfect, the lighting is poor or the background distracting. That’s why they need an uplift, an artistic twist added which focuses in on the important subject matter - you and your spouse.

Our Service

Turned Art’s watercolour effect portraits convert a photo, add realistic watercolour painting effects and remove distracting backgrounds (or keep the interesting backgrounds). They also utilise the colours from the photo, drawing them out into the paint effect and we can do more too, perhaps adding a golden tint to the watercolour or deep red to match your weddings colour theme… tell us what you want and we can do it. We can also add text too, if you’d like the location and date of the wedding added to the bottom of the image for example, just leave us the details in the order notes (on the cart page) and we’ll be happy to help.

Wedding portrait art from a photo

Photo Backgrounds

Formal wedding photos frequently have an interesting background, it could be a church door or the manor house where the reception was held, or perhaps you’ve posed in front of a major landmark or landscape. Having such beautiful background show through in the image will be important, it is part of what makes that particular photo great. So we can bring out the background, making it look like its been painted in watercolour to ensure that image keeps its context.

Wedding anniversary gift of a framed art print

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