Photo Guidelines

We make all of our custom made art work using the photo file that you include with your order. Although we are able to work with almost any photo, there are a few guidelines that ensure your final print will be the best it can be.

1. Image quality

For the best results and the most striking art work, we recommend that you use a bright clear image with the subject clear, unobstructed and it full view taken in conditions with plenty of light.

2. Make Sure Your Image Has Complete Subjects 

We use the exact same photo you send us to create our work, so if you only send us an image with people cropped at the sides, unfortunately your artwork will be too and we won't have space to add watercolour around the edge.Please see the example below:

*Note - Our printing also has a bleed tolerance of around 5mm meaning your image may be slightly cropped from your preview.

3. Image Size and Resolution

Try to use the original photo, modern cameras and phones produce excellent high resolution images, but using a screenshot of a photo or social media post results in a lower resolution file.

A low resolution image is still going to make a great product as long as it is not blurry, zoom in to the image and imagine it blown up to the print size that you want. We can't increase resolution and we don't decrease it either, if the photo would look good printed out at your selected size then our converted art image will also look good.

4. Colourful Images

In our experience, the best prints are usually from photos with lots of colours either from the background, setting or from the clothing worn for the photo. Whilst we can always customise your art work and change colours for the look you are trying to achieve, we have found the most stunning results come from images with lots of colour!

5. Black and White Images

Black and white photos can be converted and produce lovely results. The watercolour effect around the subjects will be black and white too but can be colour tinted to give a nice effect.

House Portraits:

For house portraits, we recommend a clear photo taken in good daylight conditions of the full front of your house. Make sure there are no obstructions and that any detail you would like including in you artwork, is in the photograph you include. The higher the quality of the image, the better the final print will be.

If you struggle to find or take a good photo of your house, it might be worth checking estate agents websites to see if they have an old photo of your house you could use.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Turned Art.

We only print when you are 100% happy with the digital work we have sent you. As a result we offer unlimited revisions until you are happy to go to print or alternatively a full money back guarantee up until your order is printed.