Turn a Photo into Art with Amazing Results

Turn a Photo into Art with Amazing Results

Are you looking to turn your photos into beautiful works of art? Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur, there are many ways to transform your photos into stunning pieces of art that you can proudly display on your walls or share with friends and family.

Choose the Best Approach

If you have professional quality photos then you may want to simply get them printed and hang them on the wall directly. But often you have photos on your phone or computer, they capture a special moment or a special place, but you didn’t have a studio lighting set-up or distraction free background so the result is not quite worthy of a place on a wall. Well hang-on, don’t give up on that special photo because there are ways to turn it into something you can proudly put up in the house or give as a gift.

There are mobile apps and specialist software which can run a conversion algorithm, the results might look OK on a tiny phone screen but once you zoom in and see how the effects are applied then suddenly they don’t look so great. Faces in particular can start looking very odd when turned to art automatically, you want your subjects to remain recognisable while still having a painted effect which might need a different strength of effect applied to them.

Watercolour Effect Art

We prefer the watercolour effect to turn a photo into art. It gives a realistic painting feel without distorting the people in the image into unidentifiable caricatures. But there is more to it and we find it needs a human touch. There are multiple steps where a human judgement is the best option, from positioning, zooming or cropping the original photo into the best composition to adjusting the strength of the watercolour effect on faces, adding colour themes and hiding or showing the background interest. A graphic designer with the skills and tools to do a great job means you get an amazing result just not achievable from an app.

Turn a photo into watercolour art

Printing and Framing

Finally, if you want to display your photos as fine art prints or canvases, it's important to consider the materials and printing methods you use. Artwork on a wall will be seen as people walk past it every day, so you don’t want to skimp on low quality poster paper and flimsy frames. A quality art print and sturdy wooden frame make all the difference to the final look and feel of the resulting product. If you are giving it as gift as well then a professionally framed piece will clearly stand-out and come ready-to-hang saving you all the effort of separately finding and buying a frame yourself.

Let Turned Art work on your photo for you, our graphic designers will give your photos the human touch creating a truly special result. Then let us professionally print and frame it so that a finished product is delivered, ready to wrap and gift or keep for yourself. We have five frame colour choices too and the recently added antique gold and silver options can really give your print that extra something, we’re loving the gold one! Some examples of our work are shown on this page or head to our homepage for more details.