Watercolour house portraits from photos

Turning a House Photo into a House Portrait

A House Portrait brings a unique and artistic touch to the traditional depiction of houses, turning them into captivating artworks with greater impact than a simple print of a photograph.

Evoking Nostalgia and Sentimentality

A house holds a special place in our hearts, symbolizing the comfort and security of home. Transforming a house photo into a painting effect artwork can evoke a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality. The soft brush-strokes, delicate washes, and dreamy colours characteristic of watercolour paintings create a whimsical and timeless aesthetic that resonates with emotions. It allows the viewer to relive cherished memories or appreciate the beauty of a particular house or a particular place, event or holiday.

Best Personalised House Portraits
Turned Art House Portrait

Best House Portrait Options

Our top approach is a Watercolour effect painting. Watercolour painting effects can elevate the visual appeal of a house photo, enhancing its overall aesthetic. The transition from a realistic photograph to a vibrant and abstract artwork adds depth, character, and intrigue. The watercolour can imbue the image with a sense of artistic expression and captivate viewers with their unique charm. Converting a house photo into a watercolour painting effect can transform an ordinary image into a visually stunning masterpiece.

Home Portrait Décor

Converting a house photo into a watercolour painting effect opens up exciting possibilities for custom home painting décor. By turning a photograph into a watercolour-inspired artwork, individuals can create unique wall art that complements their interior design and personal taste. Whether it's a family home or a picture of a childhood home, transforming it into a watercolour painting effect adds a touch of elegance, creativity, and individuality to any living space. It allows home-owners to showcase their memories and personality while transforming their house into a personalised gallery.

Home Painting with watercolour effect
Watercolour House Portrait

Custom House Portrait Options

Another important aspect of any house portrait is the ability to further customise it with text. The house name or street address below the picture is usually added as well as the family name or details of the location or an event date. A handwriting style of font is often chosen but a more modern sans-serif font can also look very smart.
Another customisation option is the ability to make changes to the original photo itself. Perhaps there was a box left on the front step or something hanging in the window which would spoil the final image, the wonders of Photoshop can often make short work of changes like that so don’t be afraid to ask.

The Best Print Materials for a House Portrait

Having a house portrait created for you is just the start, how you display it will also be crucial in the quality of the end result. A small print in a cheap frame stuck on a large empty wall is not going to have the same impact as a professionally framed fine art print with an antique gold coloured wooden frame, for example. A good range of sizes, mounts and frame colours will allow you to select the top aethetic result you want to match your room decor and personal preferences.

At Turned Art we make house portraits from photos with a watercolour effect and get them professionally framed and delivered to your door ready-to-hang. Some of our images are shown on this page and the order page is here.

 Watercolour house portrait
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